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Fitt tubo acqua giardino Nts 19mm x 50 mt

Fitt tubo acqua giardino Nts 19mm x 50 mt


Fitt garden water hose Nts 19mm x 50 mt


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Fitt garden water hose Nts 19mm x 50 mt


The heart of the NTS ® technology consists of the special reinforcement mesh with a helical pattern which allows to absorb the torsion forces generated by the water under pressure and eliminate them. Thanks to this innovative technology, the tube becomes docile and easy to handle, it is easy to unwind and rewind on the tube-holder trolley, in the total absence of folds.

- The FITT ® tubes show their quality level on the packaging: with a progressive scale from 1 to 6, the consumer can thus easily understand the level of the technical characteristics of the tube he is purchasing. Garden hoses with Quality Level 5 ensure superior performance compared to standard hoses.

- Thanks to the use of first choice PVC and to the particular structure, the NTS ® pipes are covered by a long-lasting guarantee which ensures that the performance remains unchanged over time.

- Flexibility guaranteed by the special NTS ® knit with a helical shape and by the use of first choice materials.

- Robustness ensured by the structure of the tube which, thanks to a perfect adhesion between the layers that make it up, guarantees high resistance even in intensive conditions of use.

- Maximum temperature range within which the tube can be used (from -20 ° C to + 60 ° C).

- The special black inner layer prevents the formation of algae.

- The high quality raw materials make the tube compliant with the obligations imposed by Regulation (EC) N ° 1907/2006 (REACh).

- The special textile reinforcement guarantees the tube a high resistance to pressure. This parameter reports the burst pressure value in bar relative to the pipe at a temperature of 20 ° C.