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Flex 350338 Sander for Walls Giraffe WST 700 VV

Flex 350338 Sander for Walls Giraffe WST 700 VV


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Flex 350338 Sander for Walls Giraffe WST 700 VV

- VV electronics: with speed stabilization, progressive start, overload protection and speed preselection with control wheel

- Thanks to the exceptional telescopic technique, the Giraffa-Vario fits all requirements, adjustable length from 1330 to 1730 mm. Lift the telescopic stop lever, remove the handle tube and lock the lever again. Swivel handle 360 ​​°

- Adjustable stop screw for the telescopic tube

- Ergonomic construction to ensure the perfect fit for effortless work. The engine is always in the middle position for optimum balancing.

- Equipped with interchangeable, montable and removable heads with a simple click

- Supplied with triangular sanding head. Ideal for processing angles and edges. Its eccentric movement allows to operate up to the extreme limit of the working angle.

- Plate with tear-off cover

- The universal cardanic joint allows the sanding head to adapt to any angle and inclination

- Powder suction system complete with perimeter brush, hose between sanding pad and guide tube. FLEX industrial suction plug on the end of the hose

- The efficient suction between the perimeter brush and the sanding pad prevents the premature abrasive occlusion in a dust-free working environment

- The perimeter brush with clutch allows you to accurately follow even the most irregular contours, preventing the emission of dust

- Particularly suitable for sanding plaster panels and heat-insulating panels and for the preparation of varnishing and polishing work

- Also available in 110 V

- with suction pipe




- Triangular sanding head

- Round sanding head with supersoft sanding pad

- 1 hexagonal male key, 5 mm

- Antistatic suction pipe 32 mm Ø x 4 m with snap and sleeve attachment, with air adjustment

- 1 Transport case

- Tear-off abrasive paper, 1 x P 60, 80, 100, 2201

- Tear-off abrasive paper Select, triangular, 1 x P 60, 80, 100, 220