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The large DIY distribution chains sell a growing range of ceramic products for floor and wall cladding. Nowadays you can find everything from very hard porcelain and large sizes to the mixed mosaic composed of marble, metal, glass and other technical materials. Cutting these new materials correctly is not easy and often, before reaching the desired result, you "throw away" many tiles and you are forced to buy new ones or put some of those broken trying to install them in areas that are not very visible.

In this article we will talk about:

  • how to choose the tile cutter suitable for the type of material to be laid (avoiding buying something too small or in reverse oversized);
  • which accessories you should buy immediately;

We are convinced that these tips will help you save on equipment and tiles, waste less time for installation and have a good final result.

Let's start with the type of tile cutter to buy.



For all types of tile cutters mentioned above, we suggest to purchase a special accessory that makes it easy and quick to cut almost all types of mosaic without using water cutters.

This accessory is the

It is a vulcanized rubber mat that allows you to easily and quickly cut most of the mosaics (glass and ceramic) on the market.